\_               /    /     /                     /____/          /          /          /          __/
   /    ,   ,          /          /_____/    /     /----/    /_____/    /          /          /_____/
  /    /   /                /----,     /----'               /     /    ,  ---/    ,  --------,     /
_/    /   /     /____,          /     /    /               /          /          /          /     /
\____/___/     /    /     /_____     /    /     /____/____      /____      /____      /_____     /jp!
         `----'     `----'     `----'     `----'          `----'     `----'     `----'     `----'


Mystic BBS v1.12 A38 is the latest alpha test release for people who want to help test new features or run the cutting edge version. If there is a show stopping bug in 1.11 for you, then consider using the 1.12 versions. You can upgrade from 1.11 or install fresh using these releases (refer to upgrade.txt in the archive).

These alpha versions are considered to be the most stable releases, and are the recommended versions to use:.

Windows (32-bit native also works in 64-bit): MYS112A38_W32.RAR
Windows (64-bit native): MYS112A38_W64.RAR
Linux (32-bit): MYS112A38_L32.RAR
Linux (64-bit): MYS112A38_L64.RAR
ARMHF V6 Linux (32-bit, Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc): MYS112A38_PI.ZIP
Macintosh OSX (32-bit): MYS112A38_O32.ZIP
Macintosh OSX (64-bit): MYS112A38_O64.ZIP

Mystic BBS v1.12 can perform spell checking while you type as well as make word suggestions as you enter messages. This package contains all of the files and instructions needed to enable spell checking: MYSTIC_SPELLCHECK_V2.ZIP

Mystic BBS v1.11 is the latest "stable" version available for download. The latest 1.12 development builds are above which you can use for a fresh install as well. The alpha versions are currently the recommended version to use.

Windows: MYS111W.RAR
Linux (32-bit): MYS111L.RAR
Macintosh OS X: MYS111X.RAR
Raspberry Pi (ARM-HF Linux): MYS111P.ZIP

NetRunner is a telnet client originally developed in the late 90s in sync with the release of Windows XP. It was intended to be a console telnet client which stayed true to ANSI-BBS emulation and the old school feel of DOS terminals. Some features include batch upload/download Zmodem and Zmodem 8K, multiple phone book, mTelnet and SyncTerm phone book importers, original MSDOS and Amiga fonts with font switching, full screen mode, basic scripting language, mouse support, and font UPSCALING that (when enabled) provides the highest quality BBS terminal, even at 2K full screen resolutions!

The current release is version 2.0 Beta 18 which is based on the SDL2 graphics engine, providing the most accurate and highest quality ANSI-BBS experience. Optimiziations for CPU usage and speed are still on-going for the beta cycle amd improvements should be seen as versions progress.

Windows: NR20B18W.RAR
Linux (32-bit): NR20B18L.RAR
Linux (64-bit): NR20B186.RAR

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